"I just want to exist and go about my business without the stress of White people thinking I’m thinking about them in any way.

I’m not."

Lol.. but you ARE thinking about them in a specific way because of their ethnicity or gender?

Literally this entire piece is you judging people's actions ONLY based on their race/ethnicity or gender.

"The 'snowflake' experience is when White women either get onto the elevator with 'strange' people on it they deem scary..."

^ You think that she's "acting scared" because she's white.

"The man stands in the corner on his cell phone ignoring all of us like most men I imagine in tight quarter with strange women I suppose."

^ You're supposing his actions based on his gender.

You give ZERO benefit of the doubt to people. You attribute EVERYTHING to race and gender.

You are the most toxic writer on medium.

Take your anger elsewhere.